Saturday, March 24, 2007

Honey, I'm Home!!

so i have arrived pack at the parental fold, I'm even all unpacked get me! You will notice no cycling as yet, nainly due to unpacking and a little bit due to swearing at my computer, yes its brokwn again somewhere between edinburgh and here the power supply decided to give up the ghost it seems oh well another thing to try and fix!

Anyway onto more exciting things, my new neighbours, was toddling about the garden (plus of being home) when father beakoned me to observe the pond, in which there were somewhere in the region of 15 froggies just casually basking (and a few doing naughty things, discovered when father hoiked them out to try and take a piccie!) anyway these are the best of the piccies i managed to get:

look closely should be able to see frog spawn

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