Saturday, March 31, 2007

O Canadia! Wheeeeeeeeeee

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I got me an other parcel from my SP!!!!
Collected it from post office this morning!!
twas a tea themed parcel!! cany get better than that! 2 funky wee tins of tea, ice wine and strawberry maple flavour, a tea cosy (which nearly got utelised as a hat as after the post office i went down the street and it was more than a little chilly), a wee teapot shaped tea ball hoodgy, 2 packs of sweeties: some clodhoppers (very yummy and almost all gone), and some baskin robbins mint choc chip sweeties, also yummy, Interweave Knits spring, which is most exciting as i really wanted the entrelac socks pattern, tho now i also wanna knit the dollar and a half cardi, so thats less good!! and last but by no means least:Patons SWS in a spiffy shade of pinks, me likey!!

Course with a shiny new tea cosy what do i need??

a shiny new teapot!! s'pink!

I also bought my first set of addis to once again try this magic loop malarky given that the needles i was attempting it on before gave up the ghost and needle and cable decided to part company!!

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KnitChick said...

LONG awaited, but totally cool package!! :)

You'll love ML once you get it figured out. It's great! I was trying to talk to some people about it yesterday, but NOBODY had a circular needle I could demostrate with! (we were there to spin, so knitting was not the primary pursuit of the day :))