Monday, June 23, 2008

BSc Biological Sciences (Genetics), Second Class, Upper Division.



SiressYorkie said...


*deep breath*


Congratulations! You be a graduate! And no one can take that away from you ever!

purplejellygem said...

awwwww! look how pretty she is!

Anthony said...

My girl is a hot graduate!!!

mumblefee said...

She's beautiful, she's clever, and I'm sooooooo proud of her.

Guess who?

Her Mum!

peri said...

Massive, massive congratulations - well done!!!!!!

glittrgirl said...

Yay! You made it! All the best people have 2:1s .... Well done!

Anonymous said...

Yes and I (in the US) even know what 2.1 means! Good work Fee!
Love, LaBou
" Fee! Fee! Fee!"