Monday, June 30, 2008

Huh? I'm supposed to update this thing?

Seems i am getting quite of the habit of posting, I finished this on Thursday it occured to me on Saturday that i should blog it and its taken me to today to actually do it, in my defense i tried yesterday but blogger wouldnt let me upload then i forgot agian.

Anyway I finished my sweater, and my yarn concerns (would i have enough, since its discontinued sods law would have me run out) were unfounded i even had a ball to spare!

Anyway you want pictures?

1 sweater:
Doesnt it look weird without a body in it? Oh to have a waist that thin, blessedly once worn it looks more normal:
ta da! woo self photography!! Also new camera as a graduation gift, hopefully improving picture quality. Anyhoo yarn: KnitPicks panache in dusk, such a lully yarn all soft and schwooshy. Pattern is Corsica twas an interesting way to knit a sweater and despite my dislie of picking up stitches enjoyable to knit.

Not sure of much else to report at current, no longer a postie woohoo. um something else, I forget oh well.

Also thank you to every one for the lovely comments on my graduating!

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