Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First Mitten Syndrome?

woo look 2 posts in as many days!!

Everyone has heard of Sexond Sock Syndrome, but i think i had the lesser known condition of first mitten syndrome, mitten number 1 on the right took 5 months, mitten number 2 on the left took a smidge over a day!The palms, funs!
And of course it wouldnt be stranded colour work without a shot of the floats, pretty neat no?
But yes these were my first real attempt at stranded colourwork so I'm quite pleased, I really dont know why the first took so long, too many other things got done in between times, I think finishing the first gave me motivation to do the 2nd so 3 or 4 discs of Season 2 of the Gilmore Girls later here we are! Pattern is Anemoi Mittens and the yarns are Cygnet 4ply in Raspbery and Phildar Lambswool in Camel. I likey them they remind me of Windwaker!

And talking of things taking forever and second sock syndrome, I finally got thru the first entrelac sock:wheee, I had to make the top a bit wider for my fat legs. Now i need to work up to casting on for its partner, which will be a different colour!

This will of course most likely be my last post before i leave the country for 3 months (I dont see anything exciting happening tommorrow) so hopefully that will mean my life is more interesting and there is more to blog

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