Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

Thursday the weather was set to be a bit mince so we drove into Calgary to go to the mall. It was fairly exciting as malls go usual kinda shops, there was also like a British grocery shop, i think i managd to convince the woman at the till i was an ex pat hehe.
Like i say weather was not well forcasted however we didnt entirely expect this when we came out the mall?

The carpark was white! big fat hail stones! There was a lot of snow too on the mountains and it was generally wet and horrid. However things were purchased, namely shoes:
Sketchers sandally things cos i dont really have any sorta dressyish summery shoes and i do like me some sketchers (especially ones that are in the sale)
And some Keds cos a) they are super cute and b) it was 25% more off the 2nd item so more shoes had to be purchased!

Friday we went adriving again down to Radium (ie land of the motels) and Invermere where we had a wander down to the lakeside:

Suitably scenic and what not, then we wandered round the shops. We went for a nebby in an antique/junk store type place. I got:Vintagey style costume jewellry, I do like me some vintage costume jewellry and I got all of it for the princely sum of $3! While we are on the subject of shopping I got this stuff earlier in the week, pretty no?
Today we went for a walk into town, I wore my new shoes which was of course a bad idea and i now have a hole in my foot. We had a wee look in the old RCMP barracks museumy place which was kinda neat and then specially for April:
A Mountie! (is it y or ie? ie looks better...)

The cos Canmore the town we are staying was built up around mining, it is miners heritage weekend this weekend and today there was a parade which we watched:
There were more mounties(ys)
A pipe band complete with Scottish flag!
Miner! and then all the mining familys came along with like labels as to who they were and such like, then there was an unvaling of a statue and some free food, which dad partook of mother and I missed out cos we were in the quilting shop oh well.

On the way back we noticed that even the clouds are supporting the Vancouver Olympics
(if you use a little imagination)

And of course there has been knitting too:
Entrelac sock nummer2, which was going along great guns but now i am getting bored of, I do wanna get it finished before i go to America but I mayhave to force myself, altho i dont think i have anything else i can knit before i get to Oregon so its the sock or nothing!!

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