Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today we went to Snowy Owl Dog Tours and went on their kennel tour and a sled ride through the forrest, it was awesome!

Dad and I made friends:
I got hugs and kisses...

We saw beeg fluffy doggies

and wee fluffy doggies

We saw their wolf hybrid, he's 96% wolf as much as you can get before he's fully wolf
Isnt he gorgeous!

We got to go in and pet and hug all the dogs which meant by the end of it:

Puppy prints! If you wanna see more puppy pics the flickr set is here.

After that we went out towards Lake Louise, stopped at Johnston Canyon and had a walk up to the falls which was pretty:
Then on the Lake Louise, which was smaller than I thot:
And lastly Lake Moraine which was an even better shade in reality
We stopped for a cuppa by Lake Moraine and there was a ground squirell that was evidently used to people, at one point he was sat on a guys knee stealing his chocolate bar.
Cute no?

There are more photos which i will upload to flickr once i get somewhere with a decent connection!

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