Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day 5 in the Big Brother House

Dad's big brother that is. Today we ventured further afield to see stuffs, I got the map and planned us a trip.

First stop Takakkaw Fall (its magnificent in Cree) one of the largest waterfalls in Canada:

Now with added parents:We bimbled about here after the drive up steep windy road, some wee critter darted infront of us but as yet it is unidentified. At the falls the only wildlife we saw was this:

The lesser spotted Allisterius cameraticus which you can just see in the middle of the picture thru the trees.

Then back down the windy road and on to Emerald Lake:Lots of rock flour in this lake. We then took a random notion and decided to go native:

Yep we went g'nuing! I say we, father and I g'nued while Squaw Crapsitatwobbles sat in the middle and chastised father when he tried to go faster.
When we got back to the hut thingy mother escaped quickly

Then after some amounts of abortive navigation (the map wasnt entirely clear) we went to Kicking Horse Ski Resort and went up the gondola:

Its the top of the World! We were above the snow line so it was rather chilly.

I did spot a sledge:
however there wasnt quite enough snow to make use of it, there were however lots of clearly mentally insane mountian bikers careering down the mountain side, rather them than me.

Then we took the chair ride up to see this fellow:

Boo the Grisly! isnt he cute
We were about 6 feet or so from him, which frankly is as close as I;d like to get and there was of course a bloody great electric fence betwen him and us. We had a little tour and a talk by the woman at the refuge which was interesting and Boo bimble about and did bear things.

After that we headed back and went to a pub in town for tea and were waitressed by Yorkie's Canadian doppelganger it was quite alarming the similarity!

So that was that, next some photos i took out the window on Sunday but forgot to post yesterday:
A rainbowSunny mountains!

Now i must away and wash and see what adventures are in store for us today!
(I shall endeavour in the name of not being uberly picture heavy posts to do more or less daily updates assuming we do things with photographing/chronicaling)

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SiressYorkie said...

My Canadian Doppleganger? Really? You found her? I always wondered where she'd turn up, sly minx. Good to hear she's doing well.

I like your pics, but there's no way I'd even get 6 feet from a grizzly. And Emerald Lake looks BEAUTIFUL.

Has Father smiled since that first day??