Saturday, August 02, 2008

3 weeks, in 1000 words or less...

Hmm so I've kinda forgot to blog again whoops. Since I cant be bothereed uploading tonnes and tonnes of photos I shall just send you here...

So what have i been doing. The 2nd week in Canada my uncle and his family were there too which was kinda nice. Sunday we went into Banff and had a wander there went to the Hoodoos (big rock things). Monday we went up the Icefield parkway to the Alabathca glacier and got the big ice buses up onto the glacier and wandered about which was pretty, then on the way back down we saw a bear! wandering about at the side of the road, it wandered off before we could really get any decent photos, dad asked if there were any spare childrens to lure it back. Then what did we do? I cant really remember when we did things but we went to the hot springs which were nice til the thunder started, went out for a Chinese meal in Banff which was nice, went to the driving range and dad tried to teach me to golf, i sucked. Mother had a shot at driving the jeep and nearly fired us all through the front window trying to slow down to photo a deer (left foot breaking bad), we wandered around Canmore did some shopping. Thursday night (i think) there was super thunderstorm, i got woken at 4.45am by the house being shaken by thunder, the storm lasted pretty much all Friday so we drove about in the rain and I spotted more bear! Saturday we left early and went to the zoo in Calgary, it was ace! I like zoos and it was a particularly big one, we were there prolly 4 hours and we still didnt see everything before we had to leave for the airport.

The airport was a bit different, instead of the usual check in then bugger about for a few hours it was a case of check in right go through there and do immigration etc (so mych better doing it before i left when i was the only one there than standing in line for 3 days) so it was kinda like oh i am leaving right bye parents! Flight to Seattle was uneventful save the small child a few rows back who everytime the plane turned was convinced we were going down!
Got to Seattle and it was straight out the airport just like a domestic flight in the UK, found Anthony and my bags and headed off.

SEattle was fun, I met Anthony's mummy she is very nice we went to her store which was awesome. On the Sunday i met up with the fabulosoisis KnittingKitty and we ate far to much Greek food (well i did, damn those portion sizes) and fondled novelty yarn. Then Anthony and i headed off the see Dark Knight at Imax, it was pretty good, go see it if you havent allready. Monday Anthony and I did touristy things, we went to the zoo and the aquarium (Anthony got a sticker) and on a cruise of the harbour which was very pretty. Then Tuesday it was up super early to get to the station for the train to Eugene, we got the tourist train so we sat upstairs which i have always wanted to do. Saw a fair bit of Washington and Oregon whih was nice.

Now i am in Eugene (yay) and havent really done a whole much of merit, went swimming, had picnic, watched a lot of dvds, played a lot of rock band/Wii fit, played board games, cooked etc etc if anything more exciting happens then i shall post about it!

Now i suppose some pictures would be nice? I finished the entrelac sockies when in Canada:

Entrelac sockies, from Spring 07 IK in 4 different colours of opal uni. I was originally gonna do 2 pairs but after the first i thot sod it i never wear matching socks anyway i shall just make odd ones! As i said before i had to do a few 8 stitch tiers to get round my fat legs. I also taught myself to knit backwards which reallly speeded up proceedings.

Other things have been cast on which i dont have photos of just now but i do have yarn porn!!

Knit picks Andean silk in Pitch and Pallette in Purple, the black stuff is to make a cardi to wear over my bridesmaid dress and the purple to make a shawl for the bride (and is also my ravelympics project!)

I also decided to do something i had been considering for a while:

New Hair!! and i think it was the cheapest hair cut i have had in my life! hurrah!

Anyway i dont think there is any more to report, I shall go do fun things like laundry...


glittrgirl said...

ooooo sexy new hair!

purplejellygem said...

omg! you look about 14! but in a good way.