Thursday, August 14, 2008

Portland! and days 3 thru 6

Yesterday we went to Portland to hook up with Adam we had lots of fun! We went to the farmers market, various yarn stores (things were purchased). We had nyummy lunch and we knitted, alas i spazed a bit on taking pictures I did however take one while we went for tea:

I look a bit goofy and somewhat vampire escque but no matter. I also managed to find something very exciting at the tea zone
A scone! with jam and cream, it was particlarly nyummy, hot and light with a good crispy outer.

Like i said there was shopping, we went to knitpurl I got
Soak for the blocking of the shawl etc and

Pencil roving so i can try out the spindle thats kicking about.

We also went to Powels and Anthony got some books that i have been wanting to read
because well there is nothing i love more than a good bandwagon to jump on.

He was clearly feeling generous as when we went to Twisted he bought me this
isnt it pretty and cute! I have to say i approve of the Portland yarn shops, lots of monies could be spent.

Adam brought me a present!
I;m pretty sure its silk, tho i am not entirely sure if its roving, or a hat, either way its pretties!

Not only did i get to meet Adam i also got to speak to Miss Zanne on the phone and also miss Amber which was quite exciting!

Now the progress ont olympics

day 3
day 6not really much difference, 3 or 4 repeats i think but i actually left the house and i am developing shawl induced narcolepsy the rows are sooo long! At this point i have 3 repeats to go so hopefully a few more days should get it done.


Anonymous said...

You spin the silk caps. The layers pull apart like they do on a hankie.... google spinning silk cap and you should get all the info you need.

April said...

Hey looks - I gots on the internets! I'll email you my new phone # and you can call me too@