Friday, August 08, 2008

Shiny things and Lacey things

Sick boyfriends = not doing much = lots of DVD watching= lots of knitting time, thus things have actually been finished/progressed!

First the finished:

The necklace from the kit i got when i was here at Easter except that i made it wider and shorter (and ran outta thread in the process) was quite fun using the teeny tiny needles!

I have also finished the first half of the Scotch Thistle Stole:

bubbly unblocky goodness, the 2nd half shall be postponed til i get the Wedding knitting done.

All this finishing means i am all ready to start my olympic project 2moro, shall we get up at 5am to cast on, we shall see!

I am also working on something else as a kinda side project, we got given a bunch of red heart so i decided it would be a way to sate my crochet urges so i am making it into a puppyghan:

I shall granny square it up til i run out of yarn, it is of course for this cutie:

Who is either a pirate or has been hitting the sauce while we aint looking.

Anyway stay tuned for olympic progress for now its back to the strange musical...

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