Saturday, November 03, 2007

beads beads beads!

Soooooo new hobbycraft shop opened in Glasgow today, first in Scotland. Of course i had to go check it out, for y'kno research purposes...

Mainly i went to get crochet hooks to use the wire n stuff i got last week
I got a plethora...

Course as i was there i felt i should get a few other bits and pieces...Some Jump rings for the jewellry stuffs
plasticy beads to make bracelets with the elastic cord

more findings

shiny shiny beadses mmmmm beadses
plier jobbies for wire stuffs

more wire (its sorta purple navy)

So all these purchases has swollen my already quite large bead stash, heres the full thing

which doesnt actually look that much but trust me it is

On that score i bought storage doodads! i do like me some storage doodads and shocker, there pink!

more buys 2moro

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Ceallach said...

Oh precious.....those silly hobbitses can't have you.....noooooo. Oh, pretty beadses, pretty pretty.