Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've been Worried

First off this posting ever day thing has kinda gone to hell, oh well, i have exams to study for and a boring life!!

But the subject of this post is to assauge a fear i have had for a while. Its difficult for me to say this but i was worried i might be *whisper* Emo...

I kno i kno the outrage, but well I do like the pink and black stripes or the red and black stripes, but that can be attributed to my inner pirate, however the more worrying is the bands sneaking on to my playlists, Panic at the disco, fall out boy and most recently and concerningly My Chemical Romance. so i felt something had tobe done.

I did what anyone would do under the circumstances i turned to the internet for self diagnosis. seems there are many quizzes as to whether one is Emo, the results were thus:

Are You Emo?

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You Are 52% Emo

You're not emo, but you're plenty thoughtful, unique, and even a little angsty.

Are you emo?

you dont know much about Emo so here is some facts.Emo is an Art and it stands for Emotional Hardcore. Rites of spring was one of the first emo bands and you cant say My Chemical Romance and the used is Emo.the answers to the last question:Ampere, Braid and Embrace is the Emo bands. TBS, GD and MCR is not pure emo.
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You are 39% Emo. Ha Ha!

Whiner baby.

Stop your whining and grab a tissue. Suck it up princess. You can do better, don't you think? Oh well.. anyway.. thanks for playing...

How Emo Are You
Quizzes for MySpace

Your EMO Test (How Emo Are You?) Purity Test Results
You answered "yes" to 16 of 50 questions, with a total value of 16 points out of 53, making you 69.8% HAPPINESS pure; that is, you are 69.8% pure in the EMO domain (you have 30.2% EMO in you).
According to the scoring guide, your EMO experience level is: GLUM

You are almost emo. You listen to music with emo lyrics like Linkin Park (crawling in my skin) but haven't really ventured into the acoustic sounds of the true emo audiophile. You might have shaggy hair, but only because you're lazy, not really because you strive for emo-ness.


It would appear I am not emo, this is good.

I still wouldnt let me loose in Hot topic tho...

1 comment:

Squeaky said...

Perhaps you aren't really emo, but just a baby bat? (Goth coming into her own niche?). Something to look into. I'm not a big fan of hot topic myself...it's too cheaply made and too expensive, but oh...Set me loose on their clearance section and I'll have a field day!