Thursday, November 29, 2007

A response, because I can

I like procrastination.

I has been decided my apparent Emoness is just an unfortunate collision between my punk/goth sensibilitys and a hefty dosage of pirate (hence the love of all things striped). I'm prolly to old to be emo anyways.

But my point is clearly i am a pirate:

Are you a Pirate?

You are Captain Flint. Most cruel and wickedhearted pirate of them all, you are. Indeed, though only a pirate of imagination are ya my lad. (Or lass, as the case may be.)You are a Captain though and as such command power. I was going to say respect but fear is a rather more accurate term. Isn't it, sneaky?
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Are you a pirate or....?

You are a pirate. Good, good.
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What kind of Pirate are you?
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You scored as Mary Read

You are very unconventional, you defy the rules as often as you can and like to take as many risks as possible. You will probably end up living happily under a bridge somewhere laughing at all the unsavory deeds you once instigated.

Mary Read


Captain Jack Sparrow


Captain James T. Hook


Captain Barbosa


Morgan Adams




Black Beard


Dread Pirate Roberts


Will Turner


Long John Silvers


Pirate O' meter
Name/ Username
Arr, your pirate way of dying will be Someone will shoot your head. But they were actually aiming for the apple on your head
Pirateliciousness - 55%

This quiz by Owlet - Taken 474 Times.
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Your Pirate Name is

Captain Tartan Beard
Of the pirate ship Playboy Bunny

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See its all good

(i will post real stuff, possibly even knitting, soon, promise!)

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