Sunday, February 03, 2008

Awards: the catch up

So I have been given awards by lovely people!

first up

Not a bad blog
  1. This award must be given to blogs you consider as good. Understanding as such, the blogs you visit regularly, and on which you leave comments.
  2. If and only if, you receive a “It’s not a bad blog”, you should write a post:
    • Naming the person who awarded you, with a link to the respective blog;
    • The badge for the nomination;
    • The rules;
    • And the nomination for other 7 blogs for receiving the award.
  3. You must display visibly and proudly the badge for the award received, in your blog, preferably with a link to the post where you talk about it.
  4. Optional. If you wish to grant some publicity to the creature with too much free time to spend in silly things, Skynet, you can do it on the post itself. He’ll appreciate it. (He really does have too much free time (-; )

So after the rules, here it goes.

Awarded to me by Sade

Whom to nominate?

the most scentiferous glittr of glittyknittykitty.

Peri and her wondiferous socks

Sue of the fabulous bags

Kraftie and her yarn diet

Angela of the sheeps!

Mickey and PeBAK

Barb in the hope she posts again soon

Secondly Adam awarded me:

so now i must nominate 10 folks that make my day...

First up Anthony, he never posts but he sure does make my day

The fantabulous Miss String and her awesome hats

Ellie cos she puts up with me

Zanne cos she is a dirty enabler

My mummy cos i am a suck up

Kilt-Boy cos he rocks the tartan

Yorkie cos she is just fabbo (and brings me loot)

Thobles cos she's my first mate

CJ cos she's mental (cant find blog like the noo hence flickr is suffice)

Sade cos she would totally kick my ass otherwise :p

now you guys nominate 10 folks, go on i dare ya

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