Friday, February 01, 2008

Christmas knitting in February??

Yeah i know its Feb why am i posting Christmas knitting? Cos i didnt get it finished til now? nope the knitting was finished on Dec 23rd. Mainly cos i am lazy and didnt get round to photographing til last week, and i dd some tinkering with it after i gifted it! So here we are the only other piece of xmas knitting, also for my dad cos i didnt get him a birthday pressie

Lug flaps for his cycle helmet! he cycles to school most days on his crazy electric bike, and you know its winter and its cold!

The yarn is random aran stuff i got at New Lanark and the pattern is here, they were a bit on the large side so i felted them which has the bonus of extra toasties.

So what else? went to Inverness in a blizzard last week, which was nice, went to a shop that puportedly sold yarn (it did not) was mainly patchwork stuff but they had a sale section so i got some fabric to make me (another) knitting bag:

Sheepies!!! SHEEPIES!!

I did some knitting in the car:
The start of Anemoi Mittens, ooh they are brain melting!! will take a while (prolly finish them in June when one really needs mittens,...)

So what else am i knittin? the WIPs arent totally outta control which is good
One sock yarn clap (yes i sucumbed to the disease, but given its so long after everyone else does that make me new and cool?) All the increases and one set of straight rows done)The on going DNA shell thingamawhagy, also fairly brain melting especially when you dont pick it up for weeks and have no idea where you are! but its progressing

Now i must write an essay and a dissertation, fun for me!

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