Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm not dead

I just havent done anything interesting lately at all. Have finished the majority of coursework, dissertation and essays are in, now I'm just plugging away at the project so really nothing going on.

As for the knitting, its still going on, I got me some shiny ravelry progress bars that means things should stay more up to date. Progress is fairly slow cos I'm lazy.

But i do have an FO and a half, someone my dad knows had a wee girl and he asked me to knit summat so i did:

Seamless baby kimono from here, in sirday supernova chunky, I love seamlessness, its my new best friend. I knitted this in a couple of days, woulda been less had i not been out mosta yesterday celebrating my friends engagement.

I also started some socks for the baby:ok thus far sock, because apparently this pattern hates me i really kept arsing it up, hopefully the second one will be better now i kno what I am doing, i knitted the garden in between socks cos i was using 4 inch DPNs which were giving me stigmata!

so there we go, I'm still here...

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SiressYorkie said...

Yes, yes, those of us who knit often experience Knitter's Stigmata...tis a mark we of the Holy Order of Wool and Needle bear, yet be proud...we are a select and brave few...