Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Hat, some snow and a deer

woo for the overly literal post title!

First more knitting (i kno 3 FO's in a week! hello procrastination!)

Somewhat more sucessful than the last...

Now i asked my mum to take pictures of me in the hat in the snow (which we will get to) and this was her effort:

Which is all very good, shows the snow, but not so much the hat! Thus we tried again:
better! Now it is a smidge on the big side, shoulda knitted the medium but oh well its done, from the front it makes me look a little like toadette! but it does mean i can stuff my hair under it!

Patterm: Chromosome hat

Yarn: Hipknits alpaca silk (ooh its scrummy)

Incidently this is the first in my series of how many genetics related things can i knit before the end of my degree...

Next snow, as you see it was snowy... This was on the way up to inveress, drving in a blizzard isnt fun (dad was driving not me) This was the drumochter pass:

kinda white!! Was very pretty right enough

Now i cant remember if i mentioned the deer before? But there was a wee deer in the garden last week which i only managed to get blurry pics of, but then today it appeared again, in more photogenic conditions and i managed to get a photo there ofJust a wee female roe deer. eating the plants!!


Ceallach said...

I think that the hat is beauteous....and you are clearly a hottie....Ant is right on that.

Barb said...

You don't look like a look like a sultry flapper from the roaring 20's. Now go bat your eyes at your needles, and make a counter for your trip to PENNSYLVANIA!!!!!