Sunday, January 06, 2008

In which one extoles the virtues of having a chap from foreign lands

Really i just want him for the foodstuffs he can provide (also i suspect he may be insane bringing all the following...) Hamburger Helper which i was instructed to try, as yet i have not i will report back
Cheese, to refute my claim that my cheese is better than his cheese
A veritable assortment of snackcakes, because i watch too much TV and wanted to know what twinkies are like
Root beer cause its awesome and hard to come by (there was more but i drank it...)
Nerds and fruit stuff for Ellie and Red Vines for Adam (which i havent broken into yet cos i am good)

There mighta been more, some chocolate i believe.

But anyway, i shall be thoroughly fattened up, and generally he be quite fabberlous.hurrah

1 comment:

Rubymac said...

I LOVE your knitting project status bars! Too cool!

I'm not sure I would have gone with Tillamook cheese. There are better ones out there.

As for snacks, you definitely need to add Fiddle Faddle, Goo Goos, Krispy Kreme, and maybe a Moon Pie!

Okay, I'm hungry; gotta go!