Sunday, January 20, 2008

I gave up!

Originally i had big plans, i have 2 balls of this yarn thus knee high socks woohoo!! I started them in September i knitted whee all went well i had feet, then i stopped, bored of all the stoking stitch, they languished in my bag for months untouched.

Yesterday i decided sod it , i dont need knee high socks, i might as well make them normal length and get the damn things finished and thus i did:not the most flattering angle at which to photo oneself from but meh

I pretty much knit the entirety of the legs in the past 24 hours

pattern i essentially made up, yarn is Opal crazy

I must say tho 2 at once magic loop toe up is the way to go, really!

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kraftie said...


pretty socks! I love the colors. Can't blame you about not doing knee-highs either. I would have lost my mind before ever getting halfway to my knees.