Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday: FO and Fibre!!

I finished something!! Shocker!! In a bout of knitting ADD i decided to cast on something that would hopefuly be fairly quick just to have something finished. I think knitting time this took about 3 days but they were spread over about as many weeks so!

I give you Saturday morning market bag:
(see as well as being useful for bringing me snack foods he is a dahhhaaalink knitwear model hehehe). Its a bit of an odd shape almost triangular.

When filled with goodies it stretchs out quite a lot:
Still not the regularist of shapes tho.
The reason for the odd shape?

slight yarn shortage, this was all i had left...

Pattern is thus, I modified it quite a bit, first i knit the main bit of the bag in the round and did a 3 needle bind off for the bottom seam, I have no idea how many pattern repeats i did just til i felt the need to stop, then cos i was running out of yarn i only did 2 ounds of garter round the top and made the handle quite short.

Yarn be Ella Rae Kasbah in teal.

And since i was getting stuff from Scottish Fibres anyway i got a few wee bittys for myself (well mother (we) just got a double treadle kit so there will be much spnning to do)
Linen tops stuff
Ronaldsay, sheepies from some Islands up north that eat nothing but seaweed so makes the wool different, we shall see what its like when we spin!


black-python said...

that bag has very impressive stretchiness! x ellie

Lauren said...

Your market bag is beautiful! Wow! I want one. It looks hard....