Thursday, January 03, 2008

I broke my rule...

I had said a while ago that i was all for the selfish knitting and that this year i wasnt knitting any gifts,but by the time it got to the 18th of December and i had no idea what to get my dad for Christmas I decided i would knit him a sweater, yes thats right a week before xmas... There was much exclaimations questioning my sanity but well, then i had to find a pattern that i could knit from stash (see knitting from stash good...) I decided upon the Cobblestone sweater from IK and thanks to some kind knittys (big hugs to April and Sobe) i got the pattern. I think i cast on at about 10pm on the tuesday night and the progress was as thus:
19/12/07 11.52am20/12/07 17.1922/12/07 12.0723/12/07 23.26

I'm not entirely sure how accurate the time stamps onthe photos are but its close enough. So yes a sweater in a smidge over 5 days... Properly modelled at the Falkirk wheel in the mistPattern cobblestone from Fall 07 IK

Yarn Robin Aran with wool in a creamy flecky whatever

(yes I know its taken forever to post this but we'll there have been distractions....)

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glittrgirl said...

Looks great! Well done you! Distractions? Whatever can you mean??