Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A non knitted FO and a pressie

So i am endevouring to "down size" clear out some of my clutter and generally keep things tidier, and i was thinking what can i do with all my hats n gloves and such like i thot i could go to Ikea and get some sorta hangy pockety thing then i thot hell i can make one! and thus i did, its rough as arse but it does the job:

and full of crapola:

I also got a package this morning from darling Yorkie, filled with exciting American goodies. I was quite excited about the mac n cheese given my love of cheesy pasta, sadly it was a bit yukky thus i shall keep the other box for posterity!

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Pixelle said...

I just stumbled in here via the click here and click there method. I'm so sorry you got the Kraft Mac and Cheese in the blue box...the cheesy shells by Velveeta is so much better. I've had a great time sitting here and reading your adventures and I can't wait to see what you get up to next. By the way, the wardrobe organizer is great!