Saturday, January 27, 2007

SUCH an exciting day!!

First off this is a bit picture heavy but well a lot has gone on!
today has been very exciting, took the grandparents out to the trossachs with parents for a jolly.
Started off at loch lomond where as well as getting bracelets that were reduced from £15 to 10p, i got this:

About 230m of raffia, for? 46p, 2p a hank!! i figure it will become a bag yay cheapness!!

Next on our agenda was the Scottish wool centre, exciting enough but on the way in i noticed a sign saying that on saturdays they gave free spinning lessons, well what could i say? Spin i did! the results? variable!

I did this:

Mum did this:still need washing, take pictures after that :). Needless to say were hooked! So we bought this

and have been looking on ebay for carders are more fleece yay!

then we continued on round the scenery, i took some piccies outta the car window, bit blurry but hey

Now a coupla pics from yesterday

waiting for the bus i noticed the sky was v-pretty, wouldnt it just make a lovely colour of yarn

Then i got home and granted a day late had my haggis! (having it now too, can you od on haggis?) anyway as it should be:


Zanne said...

Yay Fee! So glad you had a loverly day. I'm not even going to allow myself to try spinning until I'm more adept at socking. Heehee!


spoiler_of_bumblefee said...

Ooohhhh... I'm jealous! I want to learn how to spin too!

Oh, and nope! I don't think you can od on Haggis! It's my son's favourite food. In fact, I believe he would be content to eat nothing but Haggis! Ha ha!

turtlegirl76 said...

Bleh on the Haggis. But hey, you learned to spin! Cool!