Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year New Me?

Happy New Year!

I have many things to show! Firstly hogmany (new years eve) i went to my friend Kerrie's house and taught her to knit, another recruit! (hi k-moan) she's knitting booties for her fellas brothers new babba which is called Scarlett hence the red! here she is having fun!

Mother liked her hat:

Being New years day we had the traditional Steak Pie for tea, nummo

My father is building a door in the middle of the hall which is interesting and it keeps getting stuck and trapping me in my roomSo that was yesterday, today has been quite exciting also. I went to New Lanark for woolage (yarn pron 2moro when there is daylight) and got me some bargainiferous earrings nearly £80 worth for £12!!! there pretty:

Then this evening the most exciting thing to happen all year (heh) my parents next door neighbour arrived outta the blue with:

Yup a knitting machine!!! Proper vintage one too. was that not wonderfully kind! It had been his mothers he thinks she got it somewhere in the region of 46 years ago he had had it in the house and was loathe to throw away lest someone could use it, then my parents had been round showing off their knitted goods and he thot of me!! yay!

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