Saturday, January 06, 2007

Yarn Pron brought to you by my father

Yes i know i promised yarn pics but welll the weather has been shoddy and well some of this i only got today!!
Firstly we have the stuff bought the other day. Dark Aran from New Lanark for to possibly make a skirt but if that goes horribly, it will become something else.

Next, i finally managed to get to the shop in West Calder that has been taunting me for so long, lovely lovely woman! Anyway i went mainly for a nebby but also to get some colinette to make a birthday pressie. Its graffiti and zero i think, i forget so quickly

Then i saw some very very pretty Patons Jet a wool/alpaca mix, i had not come across it before but it was so pretty calling to me. I didnt know what i would do with it but i wanted more than a few balls tho i was swithering over the spending of the money, then father piped up from his bored position in the corner that if i wanted wool he would buy it (isnt he nice), i had a look at a pattern book found a nice cardi but working out prices was gonna be quite a lot but father said feck it you might as well get something nice and thus it was bought, the nice lady gave us the pattern and a ball free cos we bought so much! anyway here it is v-prettyIts actually more tweedy than the pic allows.

You'll notice i have gone a bit rural with my pics, thats what being at home and having garden access does to you!

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the kitchener bitch said...

Great yarn and purty red dogwood! That's my favorite thing on top of one of my favorite plants...