Monday, July 02, 2007

Contenders Ready!

As promised here be my contest! I am starting it as soon as i post this and it will run to 8pm (BST) on the 2nd of August which is a year since i learned to knit!

Tis a fairly simple premise, I have just finished spinning my very first handspun on my wheel and what you have to do it guess the length!

Here is the yarn in question:

Close ups are a little blurry I'm afraid,
The vital statistics:
Fibre: Merino (i think)
Weight: 45g or 1 5/8oz
WPI: 13 (roughly its not the evenest)
Thickness (?) : somewhere in the DK/ very light worsted
Length: ????????

What ya need to do is email me (bumblefee (at) gmail (dot) com with the correct symbols) and tell me your name, your blog if you have one (cos i am nosy) and your guesstimate in either yards or metres I'm not fussy. On the evening of the 2nd i will announce the winner ie whoever guesses closest to the correct length and contact them for further info!
So what can ya win??

First Prize
1 skein of bright dyes handdyed Sock yarn in a greeny blue colour way!

And for the 2 closest runners up:
Very cute stitch markers!

Also if anyone has any ideas what i can knit with it, any suggestions welcome!

So go forth and let battle commence!!

**Edit: I'm willing to post anywhere so dont let geography put ya off!**


April said...

50 Yards

Maz said...

I'd guess 102 yards. Think it would make a great hat or scarf- lovely mix of colours!