Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am the Fire..cracker?

Remeber this:
The firecracker fibre obtained at woolfest?

it doesnt look like this anymore...
At first i was gonna ply it but then i thot its busy enoug colour wise so just kept it as a single which meant i got more yarnyness:
Very full bobbin!!

Finished yarn
I'm not sure the colour is entirely accuarate in any of these, i think the last one is closest tho its possible a little on the bright side, problem with tryin to take photoes in the late evening sun

Anyway its 101g, 147.5 yds of i think mainly DK weight tho its mightily uneven, i have no idea what the fibre content is, as i was spinning i thot it was distictly ahem synthetic, now i have the finished yarn I'm less sure, answers on a postcard!

To top of my week my shiny shiny daddy made me this:
A shiny new swift! no more tangled skeins wheeeeeee
Note that i am using a ruddy great dewalt drill to wind the yarn, this is not the norm, usually i have a wee black and decker electric screwdriver with about an 8th of the power but it was charging...

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