Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mail Spin

So i have got parcels this week first up
A spiffy vinyl sock bag made by Sue for me to beta test for her before she goes into mass production, so far so good, I will post a full review in due course

I also recieved a parcel from NM from the darling Sobe
She very kindly obtained this for me in order to knit a birthday pressie for a friend, also in the pacakage as well as a picture from her son and some stuff for mother was this:
From the ever viligant Artsy who is on a constant campaign to protect her fellow knitters from outbreaks of purple funfurflies and has sent out repellant to all.

I've also been spinning today got thru my little dod of tussah silk
Mardi Gras Tussah silk, 18g, 93 yds somewhere in a lace-sockweight i think just a single so it'll go further
The reason why there is a mummy and a baby skein was i thot i had finished and was going to photo it when i noticed some pieces on the back of the living room chair, I had left them there fter taking it with me to watch Lewis Hamilton get pole in the British Grand Prix (woohoo!) and forgot all about it!!

Which muppertry brings me to my exploits yesterday, i had one of those days...
First off on the train to work i was so engrossed in my book i nearly missed my stop only realising cos i happend to look up and thus had to make a dive off the train.
Then since it was friday and we were finished i got outta work a bit early and was at the station in plenty time to get the train so i sat in the waiting room ans read my book, what happened? i got so into it i looked up to see the train leaving the station!! (for anyone whose interested I'm reading Wicked! by Jilly Cooper)

Then at night i went to see my friend who is dog sitting and got well and trully lost trying to find where she was, she was at a relatives house, in a town i had never driven to or round and my googlemap directions were all well and good excpet that the streets didnt have names on them and seemed to chop and change, i eventually found where i was going 40 mins later by sheer blind luck!!

Oh well...

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