Sunday, July 29, 2007


So I've been on Holiday, to Switzerland, twas most most fabulous, i think i would happily move there 2moro so much more civilised!The Matterhorn! and mother and IMet some San Bernadino dogs (sounds so much better in Italien dontcha think)

I tried to run away with some pirates:But sadly they werent sailing til the following evening by which point we had moved to our next destination, twas a tour you see.Went to the Geiger Cafe, which is somewhat outta place in the middle of very scenic medievil Gruyere!I discovered i have my own town which sadly we didnt get to visit (apologies for blurryness, was taken out the bus window with me pointy and telling my dad to "take a picture! take a picture!")
Saw some sheeps with toupees!
Sheepies shading under a cable car station, at first i thot they were rocks til we got closer!

There was of course knitting:At Lake Maggiore, where the pirate bag took in the lake:And knitting at 10000 feet!Which means the pirate bag now looks like this:
I also finished the mohawk hat, I had it knitted before i left but since i couldnt take knitting needles on the plan, i saved adding its 'hawk til then so once again father is my obliging knitwear model Mohawk hat from Domiknitrix by Jennifer Stafford, Yarn Lamb's Pride bulky in onyx and limeade.
There was shopping:
Alpine felt hat, rather fetching i think Swiss pirate T-shirt, cos i like pirates and bag made from recycled Swiss Army blankets that i bought at the top or Gornergrat, the highest shopping mall in Europe possibly the World.
A Swatch Watch with tea and donuts on it, and possible the Worlds loudest tick!
Regia Mosaik, because its pretty, and i hadnt seen 100g balls before
Black sorta generic own brand swiss stuff, cos black stuff is a pain to find and it was cheap, about £1.30 a ballSupersock, cos its Swiss (i think)
Overall i was very restrained there was LOTS of sock yarn i could easily have bought roughly my body weight but i figured it wouldnt fit in the case and i am running outta storage room! I also bought the O-zone but the less said on that the best prolly

I also nearly bought a spinning wheell....Oh so very pretty (again sorry about the fairly crap photo it was thru a window) but i resisted a) because is was 400 odd squid, b) woulda been hard to get home and most inportantly c) the shop was shut!

So that was it, if you wanna see more photoes then you can see the flickr album here


SiressYorkie said...

Knitting at 10,000 feet?? Egad. Think that qualifies as Extreme Knitting.

Glad to see you had good weather! And Dad looks smashing in the mohawk hat.

What a pity your didn't get a drink at that altitude...I bet the head spins alone are fabulous.

Jhadur said...

Ooh, mohawk hat! I've been planning to make a chicken hat with a big crest which I think will be similar - could you tell me where you found the pattern?
Yay for switzerland, and congratulations on your vegetables!