Sunday, July 01, 2007



So you have been warned

I went to the LAke District at the weekend to attend a wee event called woolfestI like the Lake District its pretty it was however also rather wet at timeMother looking cheerful despite the rain
there were many stops for cuppas
Including at the Cumbrian Pencil Museum (which is more fun than it sounds)

We went to somewhere I hadnt been before but wanted to see
Castlerigg stone circle constructed they think around 3000BC or summat along those lines twas very pretty nice views dowt valley
Oh that reminds me of a fabulous sign on the way up a hillside: "Tek care lambs ont road" yep a sign with a Yorkshire accent!!

So i suppose now you wanna know about woolfest eh?

Twas fabulous, most funtastic, lots of sheepies and shopping! I will try and get the breeds right but well my brain is a bit sieve like!
Manx Loaghtan Sheep, or as i like to call it devil sheepieTeeswater
Oh i dont know what half these are thus i give up! They are sheep ok

This one seemed to like my camera!

Now non sheep I know what these are
Llamas with which my mum had quite the rappore

Alpaca! looking at me with disdain

Angora Bunny with the funky lugs

So now i guess i should show you what i bought hey

Haul mine and mothersButtons, i love buttons

Regia Nations Colours, i like this is yellow

Regia Bamboo color, pretty

Silk Hankies for the spinning

A posty holdery thingy for a future cardi

Firecracker fibre, dunno exactly whats in it but its puerty

Addi turbos, a wee 12inch 2.5mm for the sockies and and a 2.5mm lace needle wooooo

Bright Dyes handpainted sock yarn, pretty pretty

some wee 2.5mm 10cm long Ebony DPNs for the socking, pretty

Susan Bates peg counter jobby have heard these are invaluable and since I've never seen em here afore i bought one!

Cygnet 4ply, its a little greener than it appears, the only thing so far with a plan, a birthday pressie for a babba

Silk/merino fibre

Same fibre, different colour

My bargain of the weekend, nearly 200g of sock yarn for 3 squid, should get 3 pairs of socks from that

Milk protein fibre, very silky

More Merino/silk

I also managed to fit in some knitting, mainly in the car and in the B+B got past the rather brain melting colour work of my pirate bag:

On the contest front, prizes have been secured, the format decided so more details soon soon soon...


Jenny Bear said...


I missed the fest due to weather. I don't suppose you can recollect where you bought the Firecracker fibre? I really need some.


Fee said...


I got it from:

I'm not sure they have it on the website but maybe if you contact them they will have some.


lulu said...

Oooooh, oooooh, oooooooooooh!