Thursday, November 23, 2006

100 things about me

Yep i like bandwagons

1. I am essentially ¾ Scottish and ¼ English
2. I am a Lanarkian by birth
3. I’m in third year of University
4. I study biology but don’t know what I am doing my Honors in
5. Its taken me 3 attempts to get to being close to actually finishing a degree
6. Previously I did Software Engineering and Artifical Intelligence and Landscape Architecture
7. My art skills are average at best
8. I am more or less the only person in my family/circle of friend with any computer savvy thus I am techie guru to one and all
9. I love bargains and they love me, first place I go in a supermarket is the reduced section
10. I drink an inordinate amount of tea 5-15 cups a day
11. I’ve never been outside Europe
12. I have been to the majority of European countries
13. I dislike Paris, quite a lot
14. I really like Iceland
15. I love Italy
16. I aim to retire to a Tuscan villa
17. Or if I get very rich, Capri
18. I like boats, one day I hope to own one
19. I have what I reakon is mild OCD about the house burning down and have to check the cooker etc is off before leaving the house or going to bed, if I don’t I have to come back and check.
20. I once won an art competition to go for a trip on a lifeboat
21. On paper I am very intelligent
22. In reality I am a bit ditzy
23. I was a typical horsey child "mummy mummy I want a pony"
24. I grew out of my horseyness, then mummy bought a pony
25. Mummy would sell me before she would sell the pony
26. I have a stupidly bad allergy to the pony and all ponies in general, and people who have been near ponys ie my mother
27. I love trivia quizzes/gameshows/pub quizzes
28. My head is filled with random useless facts which spill out occasionally
29. I can’t however remember what I had for dinner the previous evening
30. My hair hasn’t been its natural colour since I was 10
31. I was baptised on Christmas day
32. I am an only (human) child,
33. I have 1 equine sibling
34. My mum taught me the basics of knitting, cast on, knit, purl how to read knittingese, but oddly not how to cast off
35. Otherwise I am entirely learned from the online
36. Both my grans were avid knitters, possibly where I get it from
37. I love root beer more than any soft drink, despite it being hard to get in this country
38. I still have 3 grandparents
39. I miss my gran and think about her most everyday
40. My favourite food is Macaroni Cheese, I could eat it every meal of everyday
41. Except the tinned stuff that’s just wrong
42. Cheesy Pasta (kraft dinner) should be bad and wrong but its oh so good and right
43. I use the expression "bad and wrong" way more than I should
44. I am not a particularly girly girl
45. Pink and yellow are my favourite colours
46. I think things that are shiny
47. I am a big fan of all things coconut
48. There can never be too much cheese in my life
49. I have moderate musicality and occasionally attempt to play guitar bass and violin
50. I like pretty much any sort of music I have the most eclectic ipod of anyone I kno
51. I am the practical one in my house/relationship I do the fixing and the DIYing
52. I am a fairly voracious reader I can get thru a book in a couple of days
53. I read a lot but never really anything of great substance
54. I prefer dvds of tv shows than films
55. I will watch an entire season of a tv show in a day given the chance
56. I am notoriously untidy but can usually find things when pressed
57. Except my knitting stuff that is very anally organised and catalogued
58. I hate mushrooms, they are the spawn of the devil
59. I have never had any sort of dancing lessons in my life apart from the mandatory ceildah dancing at school, of this I am proud
60. I used to collect sachet of sugar
61. I may or may not be asthmatic
62. I don’t watch any soaps
63. IF made watch soaps I ask lots of questions and am usually made leave the room
64. I have gargantuan feet, size 8
65. I rarely wear pretty shoes, they are usually too small
66. I choose comfort over style
67. I wish I was a pirate
68. I tend to cry like a baby at films/tv
69. I prefer sweets to chocolate
70. I don’t care for Irn Bru, possibly the only Scottish person that doesn’t
71. I do however have a strong love of red kola
72. I have somewhat of a phobia of flying things (birds, butterflys etc) but only if they come straight at me
73. The butterfly thing comes from having a bloody great moth (about 6 inches or so) landing on my head when I was about 4 years old at the butterfly farm
74. When I was 7 I went to London we went to madame tussuads, I was scared into hysterics by the chamber of horrors bit and had to be taken out, my dad still hasn’t forgiven me
75. When I was very small my dad looked after me in the summer holidays and I cried for my mum the whole time
76. He got his revenge by firing me out of the buggy onto the tarmac (accidentally before you get worried, I was in the buggy he was trying to get me to sleep by running along the road with the buggy, the wheel hit a pot hole and I went flying) This head to road collision may explain a lot
77. I have the balance and grace of a new born deer
78. I have always given my pets "normal" names usually boys( Steven, Andy canaries, Fred (to be fair had his name before I got him) cobain (who turned out to be a girl and had babies..) hamsters, Zac and Bailey the mice, Hector the fish)
79. I nearly did vet med and as such have a lot of random vet related experiences eg I birthed a calf,
80. I have a jacket that I got when I was 9 that still fits me
81. I would quite like to live on an Island
82. I walked early and talked late, the doctor was worried I was retarded
83. I was once part of a team that won a maths competition
84. I am a big geek
85. I have a worrying quantity of kitchen gadgets
86. I strongly believe that the potato ricer may be one of the best inventions ever
87. I have 10 piercing, 1 in my nose, 5 in my right ear and 4 in my left
88. I have a tattoo of a celtic knot on my right ankle
89. I would like another tattoo
90. I don’t do Christmas cards, ever
91. I often find myself inner monologuing in the style of JD from scrubs but less witty
92. I probably would marry Zack Braff, hes not really good looking but there is something about him.
93. I grew into my allergies not out of them
94. I don’t mix well with others a lot of the time
95. When I cook I go for big portions, I get this from my mum
96. I could be thinner, but I am lazy and like food too much
97. I like going to the cinema on my own
98. When I go to the cinema I always feel like I should leave after the trailers
99. I love trailers
100. I didn’t think I was interesting enough to get to 100.

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