Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shiny things and a conundrum

This is in part things that i have bought today (well 2 things). I have just been late night shopping, which as far as i am concerned is quite exciting the whole shopping in the dark with all the lights etc, makes one feel quite festive, this may just be me being a bit weird however. Anyway the purpose behind this was that Boots were having a special shopping event that i thot could be quite exciting, I was wrong, there were some free snacks that was the highlight. All was not lost tho as i went to see my mate who works in Schuh to get a disc off her as she wants me to print stuff off for her (I am the local tech support guru within my family and friends) and she said to have a look around while she fetched it as she can get us discount. So i looked, me being me i went straight to the reduced section and found these, are they not fabby?? so red and shiny! Also much bonus she got discount on sale items which correct me if i am wrong is quite a rarity in the old staff discount world. So i got fabbo new shoes for £8.50! I dont need new shoes but i dont care.

The second exciting thing i bought today, my ticket for 2moro nights Euromillions draw, £120 million will be mine oh yes! The first thing i will buy? probably some Noro yarn.

Now as you may or may not know I live in Edinburgh, a fairly cosmopolitan place by all accounts. IT can be a bit random tho, I live over the road from the Conference Centre, which generally has some event or another on which is why i often come home to sights like this (v-bad photo taken out of my front window) note red carpet and torches. There has also been the past few days a dude standing outside playing the bagpipes at 8 in the morning and again at night, at night not so bad but do you really want woken up at 8 in the morning by bag pipes?

I have just found some finished knitting i can show you that i had forgotten about, I dont think it really justifies its own post which is why i am just sticking it in here. Its a bracelet (fairly obvious) knitted from silver wire with beads and stuff threaded onto it, Its a kit by Twilleys, that i bought myself for my birthday from my boyfriend (ie i dont know what to get you here is my card get ye to the internet and go wild) and i think its quite funky, note also my funky Wii wristband, yeah i am down with the kids...

Lastly my conundrum, I have all these cheesy football tubs (and an oreo one) That i dont really wanna throw out as i feel they would be good for storing things in but i dont know what, any suggestions? I am also thinking that with a bit of creativity they would make nice gift boxes for some of my pressies but i dunno, thots?

I should point out at this junction that i have eaten most of the contents of these in about the past 10-14 days and therefore heart disease may be just around the corner but i have been writing essays etc which really does call for vast consupmtion of junk food!

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