Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things that didnt try to kill me, things that taunt me and other stories

Ok so today we have a bit of a mish mash that kinda follows on from yesterday. First of a picture of the stained glass i made, as i was at uni for all of the daylight hours today i had to use a lamp for generally shinyness hopefully you get the drift, it does need washing to remove the numbers and stuff, note the presence of a ball of wool!

Next a slightly dodgy photo, had to take it on my phone as camera was entrapped in bedroom with sleeping boyfriend who as previously discussed doesnt take kindly to being woken. This is the large pile of pills i have to take! On a similar note I remain skeptical about whether i actually have asthma as my peak flow is around the 500 mark despite the "normal" for my age and height being 470, so asthmatic eh?

I realised this morning that i can post something in a knitting related vein, that which is taunting me from atop the wardrobe (where i keep my ever growing stash). Wool i have bought/been bought to knit things for myself but can't actually do anything with until after finishing all my xmas knitting. Left of the picture a selection of balls my very kind friends bought me for my birthday, not 100% sure what it will become, possibly a selection of fingerless gloves. Right the pink is RYC Cashcotton to knit the holiday pattern in Octobers Simply Knitting magazine, off the shoulder number. Top the multicolour is Rowan Chunky Print, very very pretty, got it at a craft fair last month for less than half price, £29.99 for 10 balls as aposed to £67.99 which was much pleasing as its very nice and i so would not have paid that for it, it will eventually become a sweater of more or less my own designing (with the aid of a computer program) watch this space as it goes.

Am currently waiting the arrival of my celebratory dominos, got both my essays handed in today and have written my last practical write up thus all my coursework for this term is finito!

I think thats all i have to report today probably for the best after yesterdays epic.

Also well done to Karyn for spotting yesterdays title as being Monty Python. My next reference spotting question, the category title, should be fairly easy.

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