Thursday, November 30, 2006

yes I am horribly Lax

I know this whole posting regularly thing has been a bit not happeny has it. This is because my life is very dull, and whenever i think of somethng to post i get distracted and it flies from my tiny mind like some other sort of flyey thing.I also have been kinda otherwise occupied with a) my new found obsessive Knitty chatroom dealings (hello folks), b) knitting like a demon as my progress bars will attest, c) alledgedly studying tho i really have done less of that than i would like, thus i am disallowing myself to knit for the next to days to do some hardcore study, we'll see how that works out.
Yesterday i was at home, i went to the dentist, no fillings required woo and indeed (copyright g. muncie) hoo, i then got my hair cut/dyed which while it turned out nice was a bit traumatic as the girl litterally grabbed hunks of my hair and started visciosly hacking at it, to say i was scared would be an understatement.
I may be about to completely disregard one of my planned christmas knits and do something completely different but we will see in due course.
Now i will go and do some studying and try not fall asleep (v-tired, my being at home not being able to breatheness kept me awake half the night and then had to get up v-early to come back here)

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