Friday, December 01, 2006

Hurray for Mr Postman

Have just come home from uni to find a parcel waiting for me containing:
Yep lovely Noro, Kureyon shade 159 which will ultimately become these however not all sunshine and roses as the package did not contain the other wool i ordered which i need for a Xmas knit, hopefully it will arrive soon!
Have realised that my mother is the oly person which reads this with any regularity this does not exactly make me the coolest kid in blogland! Nevermind. It does also mean that she gets sent into spirals of panci when i make throw away comments about studying and threatens to chain me to desks and what not!!! I am big enough and ugly enough to manage these things dear!
Going craft fairing 2moro so hopefully i will have new and shiny things to show afterwards.
Have decided i am gonna rethink one of my xmas gifts tho it will involve bobbles, not 100% convinced on that front but we see.

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