Thursday, December 14, 2006

Things i forgot about the other day and some other things, a recap if you will


How evil are you?

Good to know
Oki, yesterday xmas came to our flat, i finally got round to puttin up the tree yay tree:

Normal flash free fuzzy light
I went out this morning and bought some shiny shiny bamboo DPNS oooh there like chopsticks, on the way i passed the shop where i nearly bought the chest and took a picture, yes i stood in the street taking pictures thru a window with my phone who wants to say something? anyway, isnt it pretty
I meant to say the other day that while i was at home i remembered i had a little doodah that would solve my i-cord issues. I present penny the pig:
Put in wool twist the base and instant I-cord! hurrah!

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turtlegirl76 said...

Your pig poops i-cord. Heh.