Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Exposition 06, pt 1

Oki i think the best way to do this is just to split it into sections and not give each a seperate post, so i have decided, will start with the parental gifts
Firstly father. Father is going skiing in April for the first time in his puff, thus i knitted him a balacalva type jobby with extras, he also requested redness so he can be seen when he skis off down a mountain side out of control, red will be easy for search and rescue to find. anyway here we be:

yes yes i look like a berk but no matter.
Pattern is this
Wool is Robin DK in red and blue
Had to use 6mm needles to get gauge, but this was oki as had circs and dpns in that and not whatever tha pattern calls for
I also got a bit carried away with the increases hence the largeness of the dicky!
Mother, mother likes purple. This does have less general reasonign except she saw the yarn and commented on it thus i knit it for her.
Oki, its a wrap as nicely modelled by the naked nintendo man plus a little close up for detail. I also got her a pin for it which took forever to find something suitable as it seems the UK arent so hot on the whole shawl pins as in the US, no matter i got one.
Yarn is sirdar firefly in midnight and the patterns is from a sirdar pattern leaflet
Parents check

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