Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Exposition 06, pt 3

Lastly my friends, i did warn them they were getting knitted gifts they seemed suitabley impressed, they'll prob be less impressed that i am posting there pics but i dont care...

We will start with Marie (lawyer), she is going skiing on Saturday for New Year with her boyfriend (lawyer) and her lawyer friends, is all very posh and bridget jones like, i mocked, anyway i made her a balaclava which she kinda asked for but its a 3-way! ooh

first its a balaclava, modelled by me and marie

i think i was ill when i took these, dont judge my pastiness, also I'm Scottish

it can be a hat once again modelled by us both

Marie looks simple i look smug overall not good

finally a scarf, modeled only by me

I think this will reduce the overall poshness this is a good thing

Yarn is 2 different rainbow yarns

Pattern is here

Jacqui, jacqui is an art student, yet you would think so to look at her, she also has a black hat that makes her look like a homeless thus i knitted her a new hat which will embrace her art schoolyness for her final 2 terms!

Hate this picture look all doubly chinny, Jacqui however has adopted the chin up pose to avoid such things we do both have major red eye lending Jacqui a certain demonic quality...

Wool is assorted DK weight stuff in rainbow colours

Pattern is here

Kerrie, Kerrie was prolly least aware of my knitting, living as she does far away in oxford but she was i think the most impressed, possibly the element of surprise. I started a different bag but it involved the crochettin of 84 flowers thus i gave up and made this instead, i think its a nicer bag!

bag hastily taken back after unwrapping and photoed as it was my last thing i finished i was so relieved i wrapped it up and forgot to take a picture, also a grinning kezmoan with bag and wine.

Pattern is from Knit today magazine

Yarn is woolcraft DK in purple along with sparkly thread.

Katy, this i think was an example of careful what you wish for, Katy asked for a knitted bra Katy got a knitted bra.

yes those are my boobies KT refused to pose for me. She does like it apparently she is going to frame it!

Yarn is Sirdar Spree cotton chunky

Pattern i started with this but i had to fairly thoroughly modify it to get the size right, it says the pattern is for a 36D but when i tried it it was tiny, as it happens the finished product is a tad large but no matter

Louise, my flatmate and resident alcoholic in training therefore the only appropriate gift was this:

She's also a fan of the pink and fluffy

Yarn is cheappy acrylic from a pound shop and pink fluff from a bookshop!

PAttern is here

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