Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hurray for My Daddy!

So much happened yesterday, i would of told you about it yesterday but stupid blogger took a dislike to my pictures!
Anyway, firstly we took my dad skiing, he was far better than he makes out, mother and i had planned to wait in the cafe but it didnt open til half 10, this was half 9 and father was only skiing for an hour. Then we thot Ikea do free tea and cheap breakfast at about this hour, so we went to Ikea got our free tea and 95p breakfast. All good, then we figured we best go collect father again but on the way back across the car park i spotted these:
Are they not possibly the cutest things ever?? Why they were in Ikea car park I'm not entirely sure, possibly something to do with Christmas.
After collecting father and a brief trip to Costco we went to our main destitnation of the day, The Crafts and Gifts for Xmas show. I had a list of things i wanted to get, all of which i got, plus extra expect the wool i wanted. Here be what i got:
Another ball of Rowan Chunky print cos it was cheap and may be needed for the eventual sweater, Some black chiffony ribbon for the Noro armwarmers, red ribbon for an Xmas knit and sparkly thread for an Xmas knit. Also a ruler which one cross-stitches the design on, I thot this funky, tho i plan to only put bees on it, my mum happened to get this free cos she was buying lots.
I may not have got the wool i went for but i did get this:
Yep its Sari Silk, mmmmmmmm pretty. My dad bought it for me! He's so lovely! I was all like ooh pretty, he asked could i use it (ha could i use it) i said yes he purchased! However in the act of the purchase I became a crazy knitting person who accosts random strangers and offers knitting advice. There was a woman looiking at the yarn and asked the woman at the stand what you coud do with it, she said knit a scarf but you would end up with banding of colour due to the nature of the beast. I accosted woman and suggested patterns that were on the online and told her that she should work 2 balls at the same time to avoid banding oh the shame!!

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