Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Exposition 06, pt 2

Oki part 2, grandparentals and Aunt.
Originally my knitting was only gonna extend to friends and parents and i would as normal leave the other family member gift getting to my mama but then my gran gave me her needles and i figured she should reap the benifits thus i decided to knit her something but then i thot i suppose i should knit something for the others too thus the knitting grew.

Firstly my gran as she started it all, now given i had little time and she has enough hats and scarfs and what not to cloth a small country i needed something small but non hat like. Simply knitting magazine provided the answer:
Bedroom set, lavender sachet and padded coat hanger cover.
Pattern from Simply Knitting
Yarn: Lana Grossa Soffice and Cool Wool 2000 in purples

Grandad, again with time contraints had to be something small, i decided i would bite the bullet and try my hand at some socks:

Yarn is Sirdar click in mitten and Stylecraft special chunky in lipstick
Pattern is here

Betsy, my Aunt, i went for novelty more than anything with this, she likes cats!

The pattern is here
Yarn is a combination of 1 strand mohair in pink and 1 strand of brown shetland wool from my haul from my friend's mum.

Lastly my papa, again i wasnt sure what to do, but i saw these and thot thye'd be good, will keep his hands warm when he goes to the horse but will also leave his fingers free for buckles and what not

Pattern here
Yarn is artesano alpaca inca cloud in teal and dusky black, i did them 2 tone as i wasnt sure I'd have enough black to do em all, as it turned out i was wise as i had 3 yds left when i finished!!

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