Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Scavaging and lurgie

I'm ill boo hoo. Its xmas it goes with the turf. Anyway, i went home at the weekend. Went avisiting my friend and her mum presented me with 2 large bags of wool then Went to visit the grandparentals and did me some scavaging got a nice haul of vintage patterns all in all this is what i got:

Not bad eh! Need to take some pictures at some point of some of the more interesting patterns...

On Saturday night i went to the launch of the Cheeks for Charity calendar which is raising money for my mums RDA group, its kinda calendar girls stylee with horses, if any one wants one let me kno!

Sunday i came back to edinburgh via some ski slope knitting tried to take a picture of my dad doing his thang but this was all i got
The rest of the week? I've been snottery and knitting woo

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