Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Its been a long time

So havent posted much, I've had exams but now they are over and i can knit knit knit!
Generally exams were ok, hopefully i shall pass them all. It did strike me the other day that i have done all my exams with the same pen, right from Standard Grades to all the ones I've ever sat at uni, is that strange? Its a pen my dad's friend, who died earlier this year, gave me years and years ago its almost like a little tribute i suppose anyway its not very exciting but here it is:

As well as exams I've been doing me some shopping! Firstly i bought a new stash box cos the ones i had were rather full I nearly spend £80 on a proper wooden pirate style chest but decided that would be foolish and wrong so i spent £17 on this one:

In Situ

Already filling up

Then i bought things to fill it with. First i was at home and went to New Lanark where they make there own wool and i got this lot:

The red and black is bound to become this
and possibly a jumper for my mum the grey will become this for madam demando.

Then the new knitty came out and i decided i wanted to knit these which called for a trip to John Lewis to get the wool, while there i had my usual rake in the bargain bin and found a ball of RYC soft tweed in lilac and offered to knit my mum a hat with it which is why i have these:

As you can see the xmas knitting is progressing, I now have a full 2 weeks for solid knitting, or at least i did until i got a phone call telling me i was getting the new Zelda game so thats the knitting down the pan.

You may have guessed by now i have a lot of knitting planned, shall we list all i plan to do? lets why not!

Christmas knits wise i have 3 to finish and 2 to start (oh yes i got told the wool for one of them may not be in before xmas so its on hold)

  1. Chunky print jumper of own designing
  2. off the shoulder top from Simply Knitting
  3. Long gloves in kuryon
  4. fetching in multicolour peter pan
  5. cabled beanie hat
  6. Pirate bag
  7. Dream swatch scarf
  8. Twinkle Toes
  9. R2D2 hat
  10. Mothers hat
  11. Sweater for mother
  12. Bag in Sari Silk

I think thats everything i may be wrong, and no doubt the list will be added too!!!

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