Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend and some maths

Fairly uneventful few days really. I went to the parental fold on Saturday to go to "the biggest christmas markets in scotland" er woo, wasnt the most exciting just the usual over priced "crafts" and food, we bought only food. Then discovered to my mothers absolute horror that her computer was broken methinks dodgy power supply. This results in my mother having been (until going to work this morning) internet free for over 24 hours, she had to lie down in a darkened room and breath into a paper bag. I was only at home for the day and my mate was giving me a lift back ot edinburgh at about 6 on saturday night i got a text asking what the roads at mine were like, i was like eh fine? thinking that she meant were they busy due to all the roads in town being shut for markets and other reasons it wasnt til my mum suggested looking out the window that all became clear, this is the view from the back door (its dark thus not a great picture)
We got back to edinburgh fine tho, despite my sieve like brain causing mass panic among the parentals "yes yes I'll let you kno when i get back to edinburgh" "ooh shiny thing lalalala"
Went to my friends armed with my knitting to much oohs and aahs (always nice) i even got asked how much i would want to knit somethin for my friends dad, so despite the abuse for being an old woman clearly people are impressed.
Sunday on a continuation of i am actually 86 not 23 i went to bingo with my mate. We were experiencing a certain level of bingo fatigue as they had changed the format slightly and much to our great disappointment th £2.95 sunday roast seemed to have disappeared, we had been looking forward to it for weeks! To add insult to injury neither of us won anything.
We do appear to be having some odd weather at the mo, i was thinking on my way to uni this morning that while it wasnt anything like warm it was considerably warmer than it should be given that december fast approaches. There does seem however to be a good portion of the good old wet and windies, last night one could of been excused for thinking there was some sort of hurricane going on and correct me if i am wrong but edinburgh not that prone? tho i do reakon i live on/beside the windiest street certainly in edinburgh if not the world.
Now the promised maths, was trying to work out earlier some sorta knitting schedule to ensure that i am finished by xmas. For my biggest project i need to do about 3 inches a day which i reakon to be about 24 rows at 150 odd stiches each, closing in on 4000 stitches a day! As well as this i need to crochet 4 flowers a day, not to stressful and do all the other things i have on the go as well as the small matter of exams in 2 weeks that need studying for. I can see this being a full time occupation!!

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