Monday, November 13, 2006

And now for something completely different

So i have decided in the style of other knitters blogs and as i have nothing knitting related i can post til 26th december that I'm gonna start posting non knitting stuff, ie general banalness about my life in general, i will try and do this as often as posibble but i have the attention span of a gnat so we will see. Anyway here goes.
First off, well i would like to say i nearly died yesterday just for the drama of it but sadly thats not true. basically my asthma and i had a little falling out which resulted in my going to the hospital (but only the out of hours clinic ie the doctor was shut). I'm not even convinced i am truly asthmatic but after doing soldering on Saturday (stained glass making with my family as a v-early xmas pressie for my dad get me and my craftyness!) and afterwards i was v-wheezy and less able to breathe than i would like, tried ye olde inhaler (old being the operative word twas out of date, sure that wasnt good for me) did not a lot tried going to bed, didnt sleep terribly well or at all so by 10 to 8 on Sunday morning i had had enough (see what i mean about drama, it was less life threatening more pissing me off...) I phoned the nice NHS 24 hotline, kudos to them btw most friendly and helpful (its there job my boyfriend said but i dont care they were nice to me) and they got me an appointment at the hospital clinic place.
Unfortunatly for him i decided that i would get my boyfriend out of bed on his ever rarer day off (retail manager run up to xmas you get the picture) needless to say he wasnt overly impressed at being woken at 8 but at least i had a reason, as he put it his thot process was "for fuck sake fee, why is she waking me up this better be good" "I'm going to hospital" "ok that'll do" our trip to the hospital was an adventure, new bus route (yes i went on the bus much to my parents outrage, coupled with the fact that i didnt tell them i was going til i got back, didnt wanna panic them) new hospital, I'd never been, he apparently likes hospitals he says its cos they fix people i say its cos he is weird. I got to be nebulised that was kinda exciting in a tv hopsital drama kinda way, he got to look at all the equipment and be all boy-y. We also had fun trying to get my pulse rate to change i had one of those pulse moniters on my fingers. So anyway i got given steroids and antibiotics, always a fun thing as i am allergic to penicillin and a bit clueless as to what i can take hence this conversation:
Doctor: are you allergic to any antibiotics?
Me: penicillin
Dr: ok, have you had ampicillin before?
Me: Um I dont know i have at the liquid yellow stuff that tastes kinda like icky banana?
Dr: ooookkkkk we'll give you ethrymycin

So i have many pills, i have to take 9 yes 9 pills of a morning and the antibiotics 4 times a day with food, i object to having my food intake dictated what if i am not hungray at regular intervals eh?

In other less dramatic news, i have nearly finished my last essay of the term, on drug resistance in parasites for those of you who care which is good, you would think this would mean much xmas knitting time sadly i also have the small matter of 3 exams before xmas and this being junior honors year they actually count, however i have a plan which will hopefully mean i can knit and study simulatneously more on that later.

In even more recent events in preparing to write this and having my 4 o'clock pre antibitoic snack i managed to drop a slice of toast philadelphia side down on my keyboard, oops.

In conclusion (too much essay writing) I apologise firstly for the large amount of brackets and the length generally my life isnt that interesting so in future i imagine things will be shorter! I also think you should know that this was written whilst listening to assorted TV themes what that says about my mental state i will leave to you to decide...

Ps spot the movie reference in the title and win win win.

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KarynLeigh said...

just a little Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
I used to bbsit ALOT in my early teen years,LOL

of the frozen north B.C.